Team EcoLixo at the Concurso Eco-Louco

The Selway family won the originality category, in the Concourso Eco-Louco with their vehicle made from old scrap found in the garden which Doug Selway cut and welded into a 3 wheeled bicycle (forward and back steering) and lena Selway made the structure completely out of layers of newspaper with 1 layer of cereal boxes in the middle.

Carlos Guarda de Cadeia made a documentary about this creative family.

The Selway family won the originality category in "the most eco-crazy transport ever competition". on the European car free day in Tomar. In this video you will se the whole story!

This video is shot with a Zoom Q3HD by B.C.S. for Portugal Prankish Puppets.

Music in this video by Producer C.P.Bryan (royalty-free licensing @ freesoundtrackmusic.com)

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